Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Spoiler

I struggled sooo bad not to say about Dark Knight Rises but you know what? I don't care! It's been a long time since a superhero blockbuster focuses on the plot more than Aliens.
You see sky splitting alien dropping ending fights in Transformers, you see it in Avengers, you see even in anime Bleach.

But not for Dark Knight. He fights realistic villans. The chaos are realistic, and touches the inner sins of man. Batman has always been a dark cartoon for me as a kid and Christopher Nolan did Batman justice. AND still made US patriotism look good. Spiderman franchises irritatingly flew stars and stripes across the screen because why? Matching colour to his spandex?? In DKR they sang the whole Anthem and still look perfect.

Here we go: click away!! click away if you don't want spoilers!

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. If you have not figure out that this guy is an award winning, box-office guarantor, you can go bang wall. This guy has a body of rubber who can simply eat mushroom and grow like a super mario. He even made Mark Wahlberg look good. (I mean, not that Mark Wahlberg is a bad actor but he really has a weird taste of script."The Lovely Bones - The Fighter - Ted" Where is the friggin connection?!) I don't find Christian Bale doing exceptionally well for this movie. Bruce Wayne is a crippled, frail, yet prideful Batman who is really a weaker character amongst the main cast. This time, he's like a big brother at the backseat letting his co-actors shine. 

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman is PURRRFECT. She can fight! The reason why she kept stealing is because she had a record and wanted to start afresh. Of course she's a more good than bad character because she cares about Bruce afterall. how can Anne Hathaway be Bad?!? Did i mention she look DAAAAMMMMMN HOT IN THAT BATPOD?? I don't remember Dark Knight looking sissy in the Batpod. The props team must have tailored it for her! Another great cast for Catwoman would be Natalie Portman, but standing beside batman she will look like a younger sister. Anne Hathaway had 10months of 5day/week trainings for the role, all have not gone wasted. From princess to bride to catwoman, Anne Hathaway has once again proven herself versatile!

My 3rd fave actor Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake aka ROBIN.
I knew it from the start when he is casted in the movie! JGL is the BEST SIDEKICK for any hero! He has this "i-will-never-lie-to-you-i-am-faithful-as-can-be-and-still-hot" face. He has proven himself a "robin" in inception as "Arthur". So here we see him doing a "robin" again.
So the ending scene was John Blake finding the entrance to Batcave, went in and activated the platform, RISING TO THE OCCASION. Many spoilers said that Bruce Wayne gave him the latitude to the batcave and passed him the Mantle to be. I don't think that way. It feels like a brand new hero movie coming up!

Tom Hardy as BANE. Damn that mask which covered his beautiful face. Was it me or he really talked funny in the show? His body is like a WUAH and he really stole the whole damn fight scene! He's tough,  a strategist, very powerful. But i must say his death is damn LAME. He can break batman's back, make it to the worst prison and back TWICE then die a bike accident. WAT??! As a terrorist leader who can easily crush people like ants, i don't find him as ruthless as the Joker. Probably because He has LOVE. In his final scene he teared, which shows that he is still humane. suddenly Bane is not that bad hur....

Marion Cortillard as Miranda Tate. Those true blue batman fans will not find it a surprise but I said "OH MAI GAWD~" so loud in the cinema. The story went that Ra Al Ghul had a child with the warlord's daughter. The daughter took his place in the prison and gave birth to a child. That child is the ONLY one who climbed out of the well. Batman believed that it was BANE because he is so tough. But no, That Child is TALIA aka MIRANDA TATE. OH MAI GAWD..... 
throughout the show there were hints everywhere. Bane said he didn't see sunlight until he was a man, but a child escaped. Miranda said her childhood was so poor that there was no light at all. The prisoners said the warlord's child has a protector. Bane was the protector of Talia, in order to save her, he was disfigured and the prison doctor gave him the mask and venom to keep him alive and strengthen him.
And that scene only allowed Tom Hardy to show face for 1 second, you blink your eyes, you'll miss it.

Technically speaking, anyone would cast Marion Cortillard as Catwoman, but she's much tougher that. You would believe that she IS the child that climbed out of the prison.
She's like a Jaguar instead of a Cat. 

And so here comes the burning questions. 

1) Where is the Well Prison?
According the comic books and wikipedia, it's in Bhutan or somewhere middle east, as you can tell the people speak in a unfamiliar language. But in the movie the location is not clear, in fact they made it seem like it's just the outskirts of Gotham City because Bruce Wayne made it back in a day.

2) So how did Bruce Wayne make it back to Gotham City so quick?
Because He is BATMAN. No, really, I don't know. All i know is that he had 5months to heal himself and knowing his physique, he took TOO LONG. Then again if the Well is just the other side of the hill near the batcave, then he will have time to shower, shave, make coffee, get a smart casual outfit before he stroll out to the city to meet Selina Kyle.

3) Did Batman survive the Nuclear bomb?
If you are talking about an epic conclusion, i will conclude that he did die. He said to Catwoman that he "hasn't given Gotham Everything, Not Yet" implied that he is ready to sacrifice his life. Batman said that a hero can be anyone so he knew that he is not irreplaceable. He was ready to die and a hero will RISE. Then all of those ending scene are just Alfred's limbo state. He's old, retired and alone, he could have gone to Mombasa's underground place where people sleep and dream all day. That will make him dream of seeing Bruce and his partner, they will not talk about they know each other's life is doing well. INCEPTION AGAIN. 

we are talking about christopher nolan's show and there's a lot of logical thinking involved. Bruce listens to Alfred, he too wants to have a life out of batman. He is afraid of death, which is how he managed to climb out of the well prison. He could have see the city scape and was like "no, i need to live" then eject himself off the Bat before flying across the bridge. That would give him enough time to escape. The hint after the bomb was that Fox realized the Bat's autopilot problem had been fixed by BRUCE WAYNE. James Gordon saws that the bat-signal is repaired with a new logo. And that John Blake was given the latitude. However the time is not clear so we really don't know. christopher nolan is THAT irritating to leave out important details and make us guess and guess.. 

My Favorite Scene: 
1) Selina Kyle fired a few shots in the bar before police came then screamed and cried for help like a helpless kitten. haha. BEST. 
2) When Gordon lid up the burning batman logo, telling everyone the Hero is back. 

My Least Favorite Scene:
1) How Bane and Talia died. VERY LAME. Explosives and killings everywhere then died of car accidents. 

2) Ra Al Ghul's Cameo in the prison. Is there no better way to reveal the story or Liam Neeson just wants to have a share of the pie?? He might as well swing by and say hi to Talia?? *roll eyes*

My Favorite Character:
Selina Kyle. need me to explain again? 

My Favorite Line:
"Do you know how the child escape? The child didn't use the rope." Fear of Death/Failure will propel you to do anything.

Here's a sneak preview of how did Batman took the bomb away from Gotham City... 


  1. He didn't die. He fixed the auto-pilot and MOST LIKELY ejected himself when he was still flying low and dragging the bomb across the floor (before the scene showed the Bat lifting it out of Gotham).

    Alfred was seen mourning at Bruce Wayne's 'funeral' but there was no casket because,
    1. You can't possibly retrieve a body from a nuclear explosion

    Which is answered when Alfred later takes his holiday in Paris where he fulfills his dream of sitting in the cafe and seeing Bruce Wayne with his own family (Selina Kyle).

    Gotta stop thinking 'Inception' just because it's Chris Nolan, because this movie has been pretty straight forward. ;)

    1. Paris or Italy.. I can't remember, but it was the same cafe that Alfred mentioned midway through the film.

    2. it's Florence. :)
      I would say that he could have survived because he is afraid of death. Just like how he climb out of the well. And he shouldn't have just 1 Bat if he has so many tumblers to go around Bane's army. Maybe the scene of him looking out the window he's already in another Bat? Which also explains how come Fox has a Bat to repair in the end. right?