Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why Singapore Sucks (but i still love this place)

Honestly, Singapore is really NOT the perfect place you are looking for.

1) We are too small.
I was actually worried during Olympics when SIN vs N.Korea in womens team table tennis prelim. Gosh did u see how agitated they were? 1 rocket from them and we're finished!
Talk about land and resources, we have NONE. Those breathtaking scenic waterfalls and clouds, we can only dream.
In this city, space constraint is a huge problem, we squeeze from bus to trains to office to canteen to lifts and squeeze back to our 3-room flat. The good thing about being small is that it only takes you 2.5 hours to travel from Tuas to Changi. It used to be 1.5hours but train breaks down too often.

2) we don't have vast heritage history.
Ok, we are 47yrs of independence, not 47yrs ago then start having people swimming to the shore.
modern singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles, in 1819. that's only less than 200years. Boy did we adapt to changes fast! If not we will still be wearing woven banana leaves!
I don't quite get it that we are fighting over who originated the chilli crab recipes. please lah, it's not that hard to invent in the early days! I've made cheese stick dipped nutella wrapped in bread! Can i sue another who eat like that?! What?! I was hungry!

5) People, People everywhere.

This is the reason why I'm writing this on a public holiday. We used to have 4 major races, now we have 37. Chinese, are not just fair skinned small eyes asians anymore. We have subsets. Malaysia Chinese, China chinese, Indonesian Chinese, and Koreans. We used to draw 4 children holding hands for our august arts class, now kids have to draw lots more people, again space constraint! 

5) Nobody understands what we are talking about.
"sia lah! 這裡的 chicken chop sibei 難吃 lor, go al azhar eat prata leh!" gong simi sai?!
This is our unique code of identification. Probably better than russian spies trying to identify each other without killing. You can have blonde hair and black skin but the moment you say " can meh?" We know you lived in Toa Payoh, Homie!

6) In order to buy a car, you need to have money for 3 cars. 
And to own a car, you can build a villa in north asia. I don't know where else in the world has COE (certificate of entitlement (to have a vehicle)) this expensive. And every other road has an ERP gantry that scans your car like a wal-mart cashier. I already said Singapore is not THAT big that you MUST have a car or else you can't get out of house, but damn we still have traffic jam every morning.

7) We suffer a lot of first world problems.
MRT trains break down, to hell with SMRT! Bus came after 20min, worst day of my life! Twitter down? I'm having depression! Internet down? FML!
People living in Singapore (see that i didn't use the word "citizens") are taking things for granted. such as drinkable tap water, electricity, safe estates, safe from natural disasters (except for floods).

First world problems meets third world problems. 

8) We only have 1 tv station. 
But we all have starhub tv, youtube accounts, or funsion, or pps-tv. :)

9) Our founding Father is STILL ALIVE! 
I think it is because of some stupid rumors that about LKY passing away that got us so emotional when we saw him, waving, happy, and ALIVE in NDP this year. He's the cornerstone of Singapore and we will never be so forward without him. See how he pwned a phD student in the video below. It's time we make him a marble statue!

Even though Singapore is really not THE place to stay in, but honestly, whenever a foreigner ask me "Is Singapore good?" I will say sure. I still have a roof over my head, food on my table, light to read books with, friends and family that love me. There's no perfect place on earth, but there's no other place I'd like to call homeland.

I'm still proud to call myself a Singaporean and I love this place.

Happy 47th Birthday Motherland.
I hope I get to contribute to you more. 


  1. I miss the rule of LKY

  2. agree...singapore sucks...sorry, i'm not racist...but singaporeans are an ungrateful selfish bunch who are too used to the government giving them everything for free...and also somehow, they think they are smarter than everyone else...which is strange because they don't use their brain. it's on "can only do what i am told" power 24/7.