Friday, December 27, 2013

officially WRAPPED for the year.

felt a little accomplished today because i just realized that i did the last shoot for 2013. (not the shows because i'm not done with 3 shows.)
which means I had quite a good 2013!

Guess it's time to do some retrospect. 

did a short film which turned into an 8part series. i played a blind girl whom an electrician fell in love with. i had quite alot of fun there!
continued with my supposedly last student short film, first experience with kiss-in-the-water ! i conquered! 
one of the shots for the short film. yep. Pinnacle @ Duxton with NO harness, bcuz YOLO! 

Poster for the Short film.


gave my first set of angbaos. oh, was pretty embarrassed. my cousin is 3 months younger than me.

had our first anniversary, amazing that i've been married for more than a year.. (going to 2 now) 

did a XinMsn web series "Get Social". it was really fun to work with fun actors who are really spontaneous :)

with the cast of Get Social, Shane Mardjuki, George Young, Fiona & Chua En lai.

    had a little and really last minute competition. it was for the taiwanese feature film, "Rhythm of the Rain" 聽見下雨的聲音. i never really talked about it before but i guess i'll just share now :)
    I went for the audition on Thursday, got confirmed on Friday to go down for fitting for the final showcase. I was like "woah~?!" By Friday night i was down at Capella Singapore to meet with the director 方文山. Little did i know that I was already the top 12 finalist and top 2 for Singapore. Apparently for China, Taiwan n Malaysia, the competition had been on going fiercely online for months and finalists went through a few rounds and flew over for the weekend. 
    So Saturday was a huge rush for me going for my own errands and travel around with the rest of the girls like a pageant finalist. I got to stay with them at Capella Singapore as well like an ANTM. that was really fun! :D Sunday came and everyone were really prepared to showcase all of their talents. We had a few rounds of acting challenge and a Q&A, then a talent showcase. I decided to bring up something different to entertain. Simply because i don't have time to prepare and all i can do was to entertain.. so i brought Ms ABCD out again. Everyone laughed and was pretty happy with it. But in the end, I didn't win anything. 
    I went home crying. But it wasn't because i didn't win anything. It was because i was tired, really touched for the support from friends, and did give my best on that stage. One thing i really dislike is pageant competition, so Without any preparation, without any insider's favoritism, all by myself and pulled off something that audience liked. That alone, was enough for me. :)

With 11 other girls from Taiwan, Malaysia n China.

With Kimberly, so thankful for her over that weekend. 

while on stage. 

    It was an eventful weekend. The Next day, i wiped my tears, continued to do feature film RE:SOLVE 決議案.

I really wanted to keep the ID but Art Dept said no. haha.


did chn 8 show "I'm in charge" 小子當家 and "Recruit Diaries" 阿兵新傳

On set for I'm in charge, i love my job. LOL.

On set for Recruit Diaries, lucky me!

somehow i wanted quite badly to get the role in the movie "3 peas in a pod", but of course i didn't get it. i was honestly quite sian because overseas project is something i REALLY REALLY WANTED this year. oh wells, But i still hit 3 commercials at the final week of the month right before Easter weekend.

candid moment from Easter Drama. this part was an addition some 2weeks before the show. I remembered finalizing my lines one day before performance day. Was quite scared because i had to enter from audience and it demand a lot to capture people's attention. Playing with audience was fun and unpredictable. But Thank God we did it!  


Had my first singing examination. I only got a Merit. it kinda confirmed that out of the 3 threats, Singing is not my choice of weapon. haha.

May - June..

nothing much happened.
did a Promo Trailer for Chn U "Hey Gorgeous" and Kao Magiclean TVC

this is a very good photo to photoshop all sorts of stuff man.

went for a 5km Pocari Sweat Race, hmm, no kick because i've already tried 10km last year. 5km was really nothing for me. but was sick the day before so i was really slow. haha.
Hens night for the bride to be BFF Bryna!

Bryna's hens night Challenge! G-Max, TWICE!

super sponatenous guys who willingly kiss the bride to be as a challenge! 

June was pretty happy because my bestie Bryna got married and my Dad got water baptized on the same day! I was the happiest person and a proud daughter that day.

super happy for my BFF <3

the newly weds and the skinnies. Love this cray cray people very much. we are still so close even after the store has closed for more than 1 year.

My dad was really against me going to church when i was still schooling. I would run home from cell group so i won't be late for curfew and he would sit at the living room waiting with a frown. and 10years on, he came to church and was water baptized. It's a true testimony that when one is saved, the whole household shall be saved! 


did a toggle original series " What do men want". the healthiest production crew ever! 
did Chn 5 docu series "Unnatural".

My church, (City Harvest Church if you haven't know already) Went HOME to Suntec yay!! 

"The Lion Men"獅神絕戰 finalists met the press too!

AND FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME. 皇天不負苦心人!AFTER 13 YEARS I FINALLY SAW SAKURAI SHO. LIVE. IN MY FACE. WITH EYE CONTACT. *fan girl mode on = many caps* so i did a small part in "The After Dinner Mysteries" 謎解きはヂーナの後で Movie when they film in Singapore last year. So i was invited for the World Premiere Gala at MBS. I didn't know that SAKURAI SHO WAS COMING UNTIL 2 WEEKS BEFORE. OMGGGGG.
I went to the red carpet in hopes to see him but i STILL couldn't because i need to collect the ticket at 6:30 at the other end of MBS. I ran back in my heels to the red carpet and only heard " Hello, I am Sho Sakurai." GOSH I ALMOST TEARED. this guy... this guy's voice is REAL. Everyone was trying to take a photo of him, i was totally blocked. And, i was stupid enough to went there myself while other people brought the whole family down. I should have ask for extra tickets for my fan friend! So i sat by the aisle n finished the whole movie ALL ALONE.
I was about 8 rows away from the stage so i thought i'll catch a good glimpse of him and Kitagawa Keiko n Shiina Kippei. After the movie ended, as we all thought that they will come from the stage area, THEY DIDN'T. THEY CAME DOWN WHERE THE AISLE I WAS AT. no barrier, no security.. AND I WAS RIGHT BESIDE HIM. (k, he did what an idol supposed to do, wave n smile) BUT HE LOOKED AT ME IN THE EYE. OH LORD. THAT MOMENT. 13 years seemed like a blink of an eye and everything that build up to this was worth the wait.
Keiko also saw me, Kippei san high-fived me but that is not the matter.


(in real life he wasn't as tall as i expected)
so i sat there wanted to snap my life away but i thought i should just enjoy staring at him for a good 20min. good moments like this are just for your eyes.  my hands were trembling the whole time but i'm so glad i didn't tear or pass out.

don't say don't have. Here's Kitagawa Keiko. SORRY i WAS TREMBLING.

 and then the next step is to work with them.. hah.


did another toggle original series "Drive me crazy" 
did a TVC for NDP 2015.. haha it seem really early but they wanted the citizen to come out with ideas now so we did a comedic advert for it :) 

Lion Men started filming!


still filming Lion Men. wish i can post more exclusive photos but i can't! Shall roll out slowly for the movie!

Team Black Hawk! #teamHY ! after our dance practice! i basically spent my 2nd half of 2013 dancing. And i quite like it actually!

Drama Fest was pretty challenging this time. Last year we had vocal-dance-acting workshops back-to-back to prepare us for the show. this time, we just have to do it ourselves! another challenge: there's only 6 of us in the performance. because the challenge is: CELL BLOCK TANGO. 
For those of you who don't know how it looks like. here's an example: 

Andrea, Regina, Janet, Theresa, Sarah and I had like 1 meeting with Sandy/Jas for our monologue part, 2 practices with Sherlyn for vocals and 8 practices for choreo with Gin at O school. Those nights are CRAY. Performance limits are CRAY. outfits are CRAY. I changed my part into japanese from the original Hungarian. Because i had no idea how to speak hungarian and an asian speaking hungarian is not convincing. so i translated into japanese and yea, people are surprised i could speak japanese. aiyah i could but i'm so rusty because there's no one to practice with. hah.  
did i mention i was feverish sick on that day? sigh. Thank God we managed to pull through! 

the ladies and our choreographer, Gin from O school. probably 1 of the best female dancer in Singapore. yay! 

my no1 fan :)


Still filming Lion Men... can't post behind the scene till the movie starts so here's a selfie. (Selfie is also the word of the year!) 

did 3 more TVC. 1 of which is showing now in Cathay Cinemas. :)

totally legit selfie for the commercial.

as seen in the Cathay cinemas, haha i took a shot of this! 

supposed to go for my YOLO trip but i couldn't.. went through a little bit of emotional roller coaster. 


Finally done with Lion Men! Got to know many friends and it was great working with everyone. I'm really thankful for this chance to be a small part of the show. The crazy early call times, fun parties, stupid jokes, lame ranking game, hours of laughter did made this experience super memorable. For this show i'm playing something really very different from who i am, and i hope it's a pleasant surprise!  

it's not that my face is small, is Tosh's too tall. i had to put my hand really high up for this shot!

Weiliang's really nice and generous. His jokes are quite one kind! stay tune for our bad prank!!! 

Tian Wen Da ge is really cute here haha, he was supposed to do the Black Hawk sign! 

With Director Jack Neo, Dop Ardy gor, n AD Ivan.  

did chn 5 sitcom "Spouse for House" with TVB actress Selina Lee.


of course Christmas at pooperwick! 

Rehearsal selfie at the start of rehearsal! Sound check sound check! 

Rehearsal selfie at the end of rehearsal, it's not that we are sad, it's 3am!!! 

Miss Twinkle needs to check if her hat is in place. apparently mirror is getting impatient.

With the bosses, director of the show. Every year i also say they are awesome, but every year they are way too awesome to not mention again! Their creativity and attention to detail is way too high.. u ask how can these 2 qualities mixed together? well, they are mixed together called San & Jas! And they look so young! When i grow up, i want to be like them too!  

Another short film i did! it's been a year! 

OOTD of the 80s!

Did Chn 8 shows "CLIF 3"警徽天職  and "World at your feet" 球在你腳下. Get to work with some of the veterans of the veterans in the industry! Mr Ha Yu! 夏雨! needs no introduction! you would have recognized him from TVB shows! what an honor to act with him! 

okok.. after all the records and the pictures, i'm not trying to tell you how much i have done. 
it's for me to be thankful and to break those records next year. 
Seriously after putting up all the pictures, i'm so very thankful for a wonderful 2013. I can't thank God enough that everything irons out smoothly and i had worried for nothing. God is Good. :)

Some of the takeaway for this year are:
 Be worry-free, let God take control. if you make a bad choice, you can't turn back anymore. even if you made a right choice, things may not end up what you expect. Let God take control.

Be very sure of who you want to be with and what you really really want in life and stick to it. 

There are many things you can't help and can't fathom. it is ok. :) 

This year has been good for me. I believe that next year will be better.

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