Friday, February 5, 2016

i am currently waiting for something to be sent through and am really tired.

it is raining now and allen's sleeping.
we just had our 4th anniversary. we are on our 5th year now.
my house is coming, i'm collecting my keys next thursday.
it's exciting at the same time scary because the amount that we are paying, i'm not sure even if i can pay off in my life time.
that excludes renovations, furnitures, household bills and monthly expenses.
it makes me wonder again if this career i took will be able to sustain even my basic needs like living.
i can't change my path anymore. because i don't have a plan B. i can only face front and swim ahead.

i got my first tattoo. it's a thin cross on my right ankle.
now i can safely say Christ is the "ankle" of my "sole" . haha.
it's actually painless. because it's so small.
and i am already planning on my next one. i have it planned out, flowers that represent my parents and a star that represent me. but i don't know what to represent my brother. they are the ones i protect fiercely. as for allen, i'll have something to represent him.

i'm into cats recently. maybe because the neighbourhood cats that gave me the feels. the old cat at level 2 staircase died. but a new white cat came and he's super friendly. allen n i like him very much, we'll adopt one when we officially move in.
hopefully i will be able to take full responsibility of this living thing.
nothing living ever lived pass its supposed years in my hands.

this entry doesnt flow and it doesnt make much sense. i don't have the energy to gather my thoughts like i'm writing a composition. nobody's grading this entry anyway.

transferring's done. goodnight.

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