Friday, August 26, 2016

fast forward

back in March i had so many ideas and plans which, after 6 months into 2016 are not entirely fulfilled yet. it's funny how human nature feel so entitled to obstruction where there aren't any obstacles in the first place.

fast forward to August 2016.
it's was a busy month and a month of expansion for me.
funny how things just happen when u grow older.
as of august, i am now a home owner, a director and a photographer.

my cosy little apartment is finally done and my address has changed. it's my most expensive purchase by far and it's going to take very long to pay off. but sitting here as i type this makes it all worthwhile. an apartment where i have full control of the design, the furniture and the tv :)

Early August was our drama ministry's Drama Fest for the 4th year running.
This year instead of doing my usual musical piece, i got to direct an original play. A story by Lingual n I, about how a never been attached girl lied about being attached and the lies become truth.
The idea and the message we wanted to portray for the ladies in our midst is that, relationship is not everything. that there are more -ships that are more important. Even though i spent the whole month turning my sleep pattern upside down, editing the script, thinking about their costumes and basically thinking about this baby of mine the whole time. i love it. i love rolling in this grind.
i was so thankful to have the best cast and it made everything very easy for me. and very thankful to have a very encouraging environment be it in church and my friends who are so supportive of me.
I am pretty sure this will not be my one and only directorial. I am a story teller :)

and this week i just came back from Australia with Eliz and Desmond. who has kindly trusted me to be their pre-wedding photographer and flew me to Australia for their photoshoot. yes, a paid trip to take photographs. Honestly when they asked me i was so stressed  and afraid because i really am not a pro. i don't know how to do the focus thing! but the best lessons really come from the job itself. we were pleasantly surprised at the outcome of some photos. I guess having someone they are comfortable with are so important, most of the best shot were impromptu. we just walk and see pretty sights or i just have inspiration to take photos there and they love it.
im so thankful for this chance and am seriously thinking about doing it as a sideline. since i have taken lousy wedding photos myself i think i will know what is good la. hahaha. and i will be pretty selective of the client since it's not my main ricebowl. haha. plus i get to travel, isn't that great?

looking back at this month?
I am really so blessed. Even without a single acting gig, I am still doing things I love. making a home, telling stories, creating images.
i think all of these are the outcome of being an actor. i am an actor therefore things are being done from another perspective rather than the usual.
i guess all these works are telling me something, something interesting coming up.

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