Saturday, February 11, 2017

try to fail


Remember back in August you said that something interesting might be coming up?
you are absolutely right! Something new did sprung up! and as things are still in a very foetus stage, i can only share that i am currently writing a web series which i will be directing.

How cool is that??! Never in my recent years that i imagine myself to be working on something this scale. yea people may say "youtube nia" but to produce a quality "youtube nia" is entirely different story, and i'm on the way to it.

So this is what keeps me busy all these while,
and then the trip.

that unexpected random trip that was confirmed within a few days. I went for a fully paid trip to Aichi, Japan. It was amazing, i met really nice people. really worthwhile trip.

But all in all, i am slightly lost in what would i do.
instead of balancing everything, i want to try and fail.

failure begets anger begets changes.

I'm not sure what 2017 will bring me. but i'll try and fail, wait and see.

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