Monday, June 12, 2017

picking up to be 29

i said i want to try and fail, wait and see.

really be careful what you wished for. shit did i lose myself the past few months.
i literally lost my self respect, self esteem, my soul and my weight.

first half of 2017 wasn't so great.
I was clouded by so much foolishness and negativity, it was so unlike me. at the core of the truth, i hate losing. i hate to lose in what i knew i would win. it shattered my heart into pieces and obviously, it didn't taste that good. i would cry and lie down for days and it drastically affected my health too. i started to lose weight and had anxiety attacks, sleep paralysis came back too.

i took me half a year to get back on my feet, it's about time too.
i'm back on my grind, churning stories and creating stuff, being funny and witty, dislike most people except my cats..

i'm slightly stagnant on my work, but i at least i'm positive now.
i'm hoping to work more, overseas work trip again, and more yolo trips!

i think Kex is even stronger and likes herself even more now.

life is not without pain and hurt. i am still thankful i survived, and grew to become the 29 that i should be.

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